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44 Million (EUR)

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Spain - La Primitiva - Got your ticket yet?56.5 million (EUR)

Spain's La Primitiva rollover jackpot is 56.5 million (EUR).
Draws are Thursday and Saturday. Dont miss your chance to win.
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Spain - El Gordo Christmas Draw (Loteria de Navidad)

The Spanish El Gordo Christmas Draw (Loteria de Navidad) is considered the biggest lottery in the world. With 2.3 billion (EUR) in the prize pool and jackpot prize of 4 million (EUR), each ticket has up to seven chances of winning a prize.

The Loteria de Navidad draw takes place on the 22 Dec.

Tickets are limited, so buy your El Gordo Christmas Draw ticket today!

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Lottery ticket sales rocket as people the world over flock to be in with a chance of winning the Spanish Lottery jackpot. Buy your lotto ticket today!

La Primitiva is the most popular of Spain's National Lottery (Loteria Nacional) games and is one of the oldest lotteries in the world paying out over $6.5 million (USD) in jackpot prizes every week and $1.4 billion (USD) in other cash prizes every year!

The Spanish Loteria Nacional also operates BonoLotto (Bonoloto), El Gordo de la Primitiva, La Quiniela and more lottos besides!

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About La Primitiva Lotto

Spain's National Lottery, which is also known as 'Loteria Nacional', is operated by Loterias y Apuestas del Estado and includes La Primitiva (Loteria Primitiva) which is one of the oldest lotteries in the world.

The Primitiva lotto was re-introduced in 1985 and it's popularity continues with lottery players all over the world, even more so now that you can play Primitiva lotto online from anywhere via the internet.

The Spanish Loteria Nacional puts 70% of the lottery revenue back into the prize fund, making the jackpots higher and giving more chances of winning a prize! Approximately 35% of tickets win a prize!

La Primitiva draws are held twice per week on Thursday and Saturday nights in Madrid, Spain.

About El Gordo de La Primitiva

The El Gordo de la Primitiva lotto has been running in it's present form since October 1997 although it was originally started in 1993. Its popularity is partly due to the jackpots being added together with each rollover.

In 2008, an additional prize was added to the pool thus increasing your chances of winning. The highest jackpot so far is 33 million (EUR).

You can even win a prize just by matching the Powerball alone!

The El Gordo de la Primitiva is drawn once per week on Sunday afternoon.

About BonoLoto

Spain's BonoLoto was introduced in Febuary 1988 and has been causing loads of excitement ever since.

The BonoLoto jackpot starts at 400,000 euros and can rollover four times per week! The Bono Loto produces around 66 jackpot winners each year and the biggest win so far is 7 million (EUR).

You can win a prize just by matching three numbers!

Bono Loto draws are held FOUR times per week on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

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The draw numbers change constantly, if you keep changing your numbers, you're adding more change into the mix and therefor lowering your chances of the numbers coinciding.

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La Primitiva Lotto

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