BonoLoto Jackpot
1.9 Million (EUR)

How to Play BonoLoto

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How to play BonoLoto

Spain's Bono Loto is played four times per week on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday evenings.

BonoLoto is a 6 from 49 lottery game (the same as La Primitiva). To play, you need to pick 6 numbers from 1 to 49.

To win the Bono lotto jackpot, you need to match the 6 numbers on your lottery ticket with those drawn in the game. As with La Primitiva, there are a further four ways to win - match 5 numbers plus the Bonus Ball, match 5 numbers, match 4 numbers and match 3 numbers.

The Bono Loto jackpot starts at a minimum of 400,000 (EUR) and increases with every rollover. With four lotto games each week, the jackpot soon rises into millions.

You can now play Spain's BonoLoto online from anywhere by using an approved lottery agent.

Play Spain's Bono Loto

The Odds of winning BonoLoto

You can win a prize just by matching three numbers.

6 Balls1 in 13,983,816
5 Balls + bonus1 in 2,330,636
5 Balls1 in 54,201
4 Balls1 in 1,032
3 Balls1 in 57

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